Spousal Charge App From the inside from Canada

Spousal Charge App From the inside from Canada

  • Checklist out-of cohabitation such as for instance mutual household expenditures and you will rentals;
  • Authoritative records record a comparable target for parties for example IDs; and you can
  • Calls

The things discussed above are merely samples of the kind of points that will help prove the relationship was real. The list is endless and you can were as often records as you wish. In fact, you can include whatever do you think can help to convince this new immigration authorities.

There was a chance that you may possibly score questioned regarding your dating. Don’t be concerned! The best way forward we can give you is always to simply calm down, getting oneself and make sure you address all the questions in all honesty. When they find that your misrepresented certain information about the job or perhaps in the interview, you might be banned regarding Canada for a few age. Just be sincere and you will definitely ticket the fresh new interview.

How-to Sign up for Spousal Sponsorship

The application form processes can be hugely lengthy, making it necessary for guarantee that your documentation is actually filled during the totally and you will truthfully. The tiniest error can cause all app to help you fail and you will you will be taken from the fresh new waiting line to start away from abrasion. The latest bad region would be the fact the rejected application can easily stand on CIC to own weeks before you could try notified of your own mistakes.

This is basically the case whenever both you and your mate otherwise common-legislation lover can be found in Canada when you submit an application for support. Continua llegint «Spousal Charge App From the inside from Canada»